Creative Design

Do you need your market standard logo design or general web design done? Or do you fancy a website or logo facelift? We got your back.

We create competitive logos for you just by answering a quick questionnaire. You can choose three designs up front to choose from and we even offer you free revisions on what you pick. You can get a logo with as low as 100 USD and you can start having it today. We have been providing logos for companies as well as joined contests in 99designs and won. If you don’t like your design, we offer your money back. Let us design your next logo today!

We do a complete design of your website through any inspiration or color scheme you prefer. It’s done through mockups and PSDs. By working closely with you we will work as a team to formulate the best design for your business. You can have a design for as low as 300 USD and you will get your fresh set of PSD files, pages, mockups, and even workflows.

We do any print or banner design to cater your needs. With your ideas and concepts we make it a reality through our prints. The process is really simple we offer you an initial draft and we then modify it to perfection. You can get a design for as low as 100 USD and you already get the copy of the design, in your desired format. You can book as anytime for this service and you can also check our samples here in the site. Don’t like the design at all? You can get your money back 100%!


Web Development and Programming

Custom web work, troubleshooting, design tweaks and other necessary programming and web development exertions are our turf.

We offer you a full service on web development from genesis, launching, and even to maintenance. As a customer, you do not have to worry anything anymore! You only need to give us a clear description as you can for your site and some features you may want to add. Depending on your site, this project may last for several days to weeks. Hence, we require consistent sessions for not less than three times a week. Once the project is done you will get a fully functioning and easy to use CMS, a complete and functional website with all the pages you required. Feel free to book us for an initial assessment two or three days before. We have helped several clients already build their site and you can definitely check our portfolio for our recent projects. To start a project, we ask 20 percent of the quote and we do milestone payments. You can stop whenever you think you need to discontinue with the project, but we will not refund the already paid milestone.

We offer you a fully functional easy to use Content Management System (CMS), where you can update your site as you like, add pictures, add pages, text, and so on. The CMS is super easy to learn and navigate, and don’t worry, we offer training materials to help you get started. The more you use the CMS the easier it gets and we believe it only takes even one session to learn it. This service is usually included in our Web Development package. Although, you might want to convert your existing site to this wonderful CMS for just 500 USD

Want to sell something online? We provide you an easy solution for you to start selling online for your small to medium business. We only need a list of products, categories, and other relevant data for you to start selling. This project may lasts for several days or even weeks that is why we require consistent interaction with you and the team. The typical cost of this service is 750 USD. With this you get a fully functional e-commerce website where clients can be place orders and pay online. Check out cart is included, categories, sign-in options, and so on.

With our line of writers and content creators, we can provide you quality and optimized content to fill your website. You just need to present us with your goals and a list of topics you think you need in your site. The best way to do this service is to have a write and review interaction - where we deliver your content in 1 to 2 days and you are able to check it for review. Content creation usually has a per post rate that could be around 8 USD. The content will be proofread if it is an article and fully optimized. You can book us anytime for this service. We are confident that our content are worth your time and are absolutely of high standards. And of course, we offer revisions if necessary.

We offer web applications services like online inventory, social networking site, job site and so on. Feel free to share your ideas with us and we can have a plan about how to make it into fruition. This will require a good amount of time to build the application so working relationship may last for months. We will be able to offer you a quote once you have a talked with our project manager. You will get a fully functional web application launched online that matches your expectations. Feel free to email us anytime to inquire about this service.

We do web maintenance and provide you all the support you need. If you have a functioning website you wish to maintain or upgrade, then we’re the guys for you. This service is a continuous one, where we provide support and maintenance by a daily or weekly basis.


Internet Marketing

To set, launch and maintain your marketing plans is our goal. We’ll take care of the nitty-gritties of the complex and dynamic that is digital marketing.

We optimize your site and make it ready for the web. With SEO, we are able to improve your ranking to meet your target audience and traffic. We offer advice, optimization, and even creation of content to reach SEO target. This project will most likely last for weeks or months as the ranking is improved. The usual cost is around 300 USD for the first month. Included in the package is the on site and off site SEO and assistance on setting up automation. You can book us anytime for this service.

We assist you in using paid ads to reach target audience through search engine. You will just need a functional website with content and this will most be a continuous process. Cost will depend on the extensive approach of marketing and you can start anytime for this service.

We take care of your online presence including social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and more in one roof. We take care of your social media accounts and add relevant contents, promotions, and marketing plan. This service will run continuously until the target is met. The usual fee for this is 300 USD but exclusive of paid ads. What is included in the package is the complete profile build up on your social media accounts, building of followers and likes, and a strategic posting that gathers more valuable traffic to your site. You can book us anytime for this service.

We build your email list and leads for you to market effectively. All you need is a functional website and a good product or service and we take care the rest for your email campaign. This service is continuous and we may use a third party mailing system so that we can automate it. The usual fee for this is around 200 USD and you may want to have your mail setup ready. You can start with this service anytime. We have helped a couple of businesses start their mailing campaign and build their mailing list over time.



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