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Ontario is one of the world’s fastest growing cities. With its economic force pounding its sophisticated evolution, surely, only the ones who are adapting well into its ever-changing technological progress wins.

Given that the hand of time seems to always be in its hurried state and the days are shorter, it has been considered a great challenge for most of us to manage our time well.

This brings about an overwhelming need to make everything, including information instantly available and easily consumed.

Which might just be why 63% of brands and businesses invest on video marketing to rejuvenate their marketing strategy. Mind you, this statistics is not only prevalent in Canada, but this is already a global trend. 

And why not? In today’s state, digital marketing strategies have been fiercer and more aggressive. Let’s face it, the pressure to produce fast, interactive and of course, creative ways to woo their target consumers is on and about. And for right now, grabbing your target group’s attention requires more talent than it used to.

Marketing in general, is a discipline where creativity and innovation meet. While there are a lot of different ways and strategies any business owner could choose from, it is still wise to experiment with the current trend.

Video as a Type of Content

People are drawn into the message they can simultaneously see and hear. The symbolism that teases their eyes and the complimentary acoustics that set its tone naturally tickle the mind and the imagination better than any other form of media.

Most educators would even agree with this. Videos are effective learning tool that makes comprehension easier to achieve.

When done well, video marketing can compel even the laziest types of consumer. So even if video production is not something easy to do or the cheapest to buy, more businesses hop into the wheel and essentially include videos in their website development. 

But other than its inherent qualities, here are other 6 reasons why Video Marketing is a powerful marketing tool…

1. It’s the best way to deliver information.

Let’s face it. We live in a busy world.

Which explains why a great majority of consumers prefer watching videos or infomercials to reading.

Videos functions well in terms of relaying messages to people, as it explains things, process and services easier than instructions or words in print. Also, people understand actual action than descriptive audio or even a well-written narrative.

In other words, the information you present using videos as a medium is a lot more faster to grasp and consume. It greatly helps in this generation as more people prefer having information processed quicker, without losing its significant application.

So not solely for educational purposes, but videos serve your audience better in terms of getting them to know you and your brand.

2. It provokes emotional buying.

Besides the fact that videos are entertaining and are easier to understand, watching a video is a tricky form of experience. While this maybe cringe-worthy, you cannot deny the fact that there has been some videos that have subtly persuaded you with their catchy tunes or cliche scenes.

The sense of urgency people get from watching a convincing video is a helpful push to convert their interest into a buying experience – which of course, many businesses desire. Emotional posts create such an emotional conundrum and it’s arguably contagious.

Well-produced and thought provoking videos, develop better emphatic response that resonates well with the public. Not only that you’ve convinced that there is a certain need for your product or service but you also explored the most important (albeit subconscious) buying decision factor – emotions.

3. Social Media loves videos!

Want to get that media clout? Well, my friends… social media is the answer.

And with a number of convenient ways to watch and share videos, social media has become a festive market of its own.

Go more popular with the public by creating videos with a strong message and narrative. Frankly, even just one viral video can make your business popularity grow to a thousandfold!

What’s most important about this is that the online interest you gather from sharing, liking and commenting is a real time assessment of your appeal to the mass, or to your growing audience.

Just like hitting two birds with one stone, you managed to effectively showcase your products and service while testing out the waters for your potential marketing appeal.

Also, social media audience feel more drawn to brands that brings them videos they can relate to, or videos that inspires them.

4. Helps boost your Google Rank

Google, our friendly (and highly used) search engine works endlessly to provide people the best information available for every search.

And so it seems that Google gives you a huge bump up for having videos in your site, as a way of thanks for your serviceability. Way to go for your extra-mile super consumer service reward!

Also confirmed in the latest Moovly report, websites with videos embedded in their landing page could draw up web visitors 53 times better! This just means that having a video lets your visitor stay longer on your website.

5. Engages more mobile audience.

There twice as much mobile users than number of people how watches television. And making a move on the latter is much more probable.

In fact, smartphone users feel more connected with the brands that advertise on their mobile device than those they just see on the television.

From the 3rd quarter of 2013, video views from mobile devices reached an all time high of 233%. This just shows that there’s no sign of the trajectory going down as more consumers prefer watching videos on their mobile.

6. Videos provide the high ROI

Videos drive web traffic better and converts interest into buying experience – this surely provides proof that it gets businesses more than what it’s worth.

Take it from the recent data collected by eMarketer, which states that 70% of U.S. Marketers builds their marketing plan on mostly video ads, based on their ad performances for the last few years. This goes to show that there are large benefits from taking the video marketing route.

Planning your video marketing strategy might just be the best way for you to kickstart your digital marketing experience. If you as a business owner feels that video production is just not fit into your skill, know that there are professionals who can help you capture the best of you and your business in a reel.

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