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Most of us think that online marketing is an easy unorchestrated task that everyone can do. This is not so until the person meets a road block. There is so much complexity involved that people get lost and give up.

So how does this leave an average Joe or anyone who is starting out with online marketing? Know the fundamentals.

Going further without knowing the importance of online marketing could be detrimental not only to your budget but also to your brand.

Online marketing is simply about promoting your business using a variety of channels online. These channels could be one or a combination of the following: search engines, social media, video, email, and display. The challenging part is, a customer does not settle to one channel. As a marketer, you will have to strategically spread throughout the channels to get the desired results.

One thing you should know is that the Internet is transforming the way how people buy products or services. Much more these days when everyone could actually transact through their mobile devices. The experience could be brought everywhere but this puts the customer in charge of the selection and buying process. They are basically capable to do their own research and compare options, and even share what they discovered with their peers. All these are done digitally and the market is really huge.

This leads us to the number one reason why online marketing is important: You need to constantly remind consumers that you exist. The best way to reach them is to situate yourself where your target people spend most of their time. With so many channels, this could be challenging.

Now that you know what exactly online marketing means and why you should do it strategically, you can then use it for your benefit that is not taxing but focused and purposeful.

To help you understand further on how you position yourself in your market, you should break this into several areas:


Both you and the customers love the convenience that the Internet has to offer. So to gain the most traction, you want to focus on the convenience of the customer. If you were to have an online store or shop where they learn about your product and even able to make a transaction, you not only save your client’s time but you also are able to pay for staff — even their over times! Why? Because you could automate it requiring no need of any staff. Customers all across the globe could also purchase at a time convenient to them.


When you are able to build a good stronghold on two or more channels, you become reachable. With online marketing, you overcome barriers of distance. You can sell goods in any part of the country or even in the world. This widens your market, so you may want to consider this when setting up your website.


When we talk about online marketing, it should cost you less because you just need to initially spend domain and hosting. Other than that, you don’t need to purchase stock for display in a store. This keeps inventory costs low.


The best thing about online marketing is that you could personalize and show your brand efficiently to your target audience to cater their needs and improve their experience. You could also gain information from your visitors by tracking info like visit and other analytics, you are able to make changes that focus on their interests. This data could also be used to create better products depending on the demand, which you can then sell at a better price.


They say that business is about building relationships and maintaining them. This is also possible through the right approach on online marketing. With the option of email and social media, you are able to interact by offering follow-up emails. You are also able to provide value through your blogs and if you ever build a community through memberships, you are able to truly hone this and use to your advantage.


With more people hanging out in social media, you have an entry to build your brand. Some people hang more often on these places. This could be a great way for you to introduce your products and values just by being present on these medium. Shareability is also very powerful when going social.

There you go with the importance of online marketing and how you can situate yourself to get to the right path of doing it. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. The next time you do online marketing, make sure you keep these aspects in mind and maximize them.

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