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First, a gentle pat on the back for you who found interest in Digital Marketing as an effective way to market your brand!

Now that you seem to grasp the concept of putting yourself out on the online world, you should be onto discovering how to use the that power to be heard and to entice people to do business with you.

Doing your own research, you probably have realized that there’s a virtual river of knowledge, process and practice that builds the entire concept of it. No sugar coating here – it is a little too overwhelming. But at the same time, it is truly exciting to find how it opens you to a whole other sea of business opportunities.

As you would know, a few of your competitors may also be looking at the same promotional direction as you have and is relentlessly upgrading faster than you can predict. Sounds alarming? Pretty much! Nonetheless, know that there are ways to outperform them! Just like in school or, even life in general, knowledge is power. Arm yourself with simple information that should just keep you relevant in the digital community.

If you are fairly new to Digital Marketing, here are a few tips to help you get started!

Be Social Media Relevant!

Seriously, who’s not in facebook, twitter or instagram right now?

Like it or not, almost everyone likes to be social media active. It’s even more than the number of people who admits to watching television everyday! Just looking at the numbers, you can imagine how important it is for your business to be recognized in this platform.

And, social media marketing is always a good place to start, when it comes to effective promotions. There are also quite a number of social media sites you can sign in, some of them even specifically designed to a market it caters to, such as business profile site LinkedIn.

Being relevant simply means being loud, and noticeable in your social media marketing engagements. How to achieve this? By creating content consistently! Post valuable and relevant content that solicits opinion and manage the comment smartly to subtly drive interest to you, and the services you offer. Make sure that your post are thought provoking and is actionable. Making people engage in your concepts, rather than just having them simply “see” your work makes you more interesting.

If you already have a website that keeps all your marketing materials, make sure that you constantly share it through your social media account. It would also help raise your website views!

Be Mobile Friendly!

Since mobile phones are already considered a modern day necessity, it is just best to be able to showcase your choice of digital promotion be practically tailored for mobile viewing.

Taking care of the aesthetics of any material you send out is as important as its mobile device compatibility. There are people who can be really artistic but lack the skill to deliver and there are those who has the skill, but has missing flair for creativity. No matter which group you belong, know that there are always help available for you. You might already know what kinds of content to publish but not so sure how to push it out right. It’s important to acknowledge that this you might or might not be able to do alone. Depending on the level of effort you want to pour into it, know that there are experts to help bring the right support for you to get the best content output uploaded.

Think SEO, and Use It Well!

This might not be part of your vocabulary yet, but it’s worth a lot to know how SEO works for you. Search Engine Optimization is both a technical and creative marketing effort focused on keeping your website’s visibility relevant in searches. In application, websites that host SEO-charged content enjoys the top spots in web engines search pages.

Of course you want to get Google to put you into the first page of search list when someone types in your line of business – this is usually the only page most people bother to look at! So gear up your smarts with Search Engine Optimization application in your website.

Be Generous in Your Website

Your website is basically the digital representation of your business. Naturally, it has to be presentable and packed with useful content that will help bring interest to your business. But more than the information you put out there, being generous shows how eager you are to deal with new people by giving them a chance to take something out of seeing your website. This will make your business more client-ready and would leave good impression to you and your business.

Think about what you can giveaway – a code for discount, a free pdf guide to simple tips, a list of places to see and things to do in your city, or even a free map of the area you are located in!

Don’t have a website yet? Check out our article 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website and learn why you have to get one now!

Automated Email Campaigns and Subscriptions – Why Not?

Email Campaigns is a much more formal approach to launch your promotion. But for the busy ones and those who haven’t jumped into the social media bandwagon just yet, email is the best way to get their attention. Needless to say, email capture and lead generation is another thing to tackle, but it’s amazingly easy how to find a business to help you with this.

Also, being able to identify an email subscription helps you narrow down your target market, allowing you to focus on genuine customers who are really interested with your products and services. Hence, being able to constantly update people with your business upgrades, or some value added content via email is just as significant as your social media post.

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