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There’s no such thing as being too aggressive in marketing. Still, a truly effective way of achieving a positive response requires creativity in introducing your products or services to your consumers.

This is why, having a website for your business is one of the best marketing decisions you’ll ever make!

If you have already invested in creating your digital presence, hats off to you! You should be feeling great for being miles ahead from those who haven’t yet.

However, having your website up online is not the end game to your digital marketing. To fully optimize your website, you have to make sure that it’s getting significant web traffic.

Getting good web traffic means gaining a good number of website visit constantly. And the only way to reel in more people into checking you out is by being one of the first websites they see after search up a service or product they’re looking for in search engines like Google.

Here’s a fact: 95% of web traffic goes to sites on the first page of Google Search. And 33% of that goes to the website that ranks first. 

Simply put, to gain more traffic, you should aim to get your website up on the first page of Google search.

Sounds easy? In theory, yes. But it takes more practical work to achieve that coveted spot.

Other business owners splurge in paid advertisements to keep their rank high up. However this is kind of a risky move for someone who’s just starting with their website development.

If you’re fairly new to digital marketing, it’s best to go with options you can easily get familiar with.

And so, we’ve listed 5 simple AND sure ways you can do to drive web traffic into your business website!

1. Fix the Website Errors 

Google works tirelessly to make sure that the website they list provide offers the best answers to a search query. They look into the quality of information a website has, being too critical with the function it brings to whoever is searching.

That said, Google would most likely raise the rank of a website that has web page that loads the fastest, has the least number of 401, and has the little or no broken links.

As a responsible website owner, you must make sure that your site is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be functioning well.

Yes, it may seem that not all website problems can be fixed by yourself. Good new is, getting help with that is easier with dedicate website developers you can easily get in touch with online. 

2. More Content, please!

It’s no secret that content is the ultimate visit magnet. Publishing more blogs that contain targeted keywords boost your website better than any other digital gimmick.

As famously known among digital marketing professionals, “Content is King”. And as the lifeblood of your website, paying close attention to what you put out is a crucial part of diving attention into your website.

Content doesn’t only refer to blogs or articles. You can produce photo or video tutorials, online surveys, calculators, free eBook or practically anything that people can take advantage of.

Giving out more value added content gets you better response, so always make it a point to find ways for people to “use” your website.

3. Try Email Marketing 

This one is an oldie but goodie way of getting people to visit your website. Embedding links to your website on your email signature, newsletter or even the basic welcome email you sent out to your clients pave a way for your website to be discovered by more people.

Also, nurturing your subscribers with a periodic dose of “Did You Know” or any personalized content appeals better than a random promotional email blasts.

A personalized email newsletter can all be automated through mailing apps like Survey Monkey or Mailchimp.

With this, you can just add a template and arrange a schedule and the apps will send your letter directly!

Efficiency? Huge Check!

4. Engage Online & Guest Blog

Joining online forums like Quora helps a lot. Answering questions and providing solutions for some basic (and even complex) problems relevant to your services or products makes you a helpful (and not just phony) online marketer.

This also gives you a huge step up on the credibility scale because of your first hand knowledge and skill and helpfulness. And these are traits that kind of makes you interesting to check out.

Guest-blogging on famous websites helps you put your website on the limelight. Just try to be more strategic when it comes to the platform you want to be featured in. This means being more mindful of the organic readers and feed them with information they couldn’t get elsewhere but from you.

If people knows and likes how you write about a certain topic, you can cultivate curiosity that prompts people to see your other works.

Say there’s a query that could be explained by a blog you’ve written from before – you can answer the question and subtly introduce your website for more information.

Smooth and smart, eh?

5. Strike well with SEO

Relevance and Consistency – this is the ebony and ivory of a successful SEO campaign. Having both of these quality in the core of your SEO marketing is as crucial as any other marketing effort you put out.

You have to make sure that your website contains content that features the best possible keyword combination that defines your product and services.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and think about what words they’re typing if they want to look for something related to you. You can list your targeted keywords and make sure that these keywords are sprinkled strategically in your website.

It helps to be more proactive in your keyword hunt to pin down what really marks as a genuine search word. In case you’re having difficulties looking for what works, you can turn to SEO professionals who can help.

There’s a number of things you can do to drive web traffic. But if you feel that doing all of these by yourself is challenging, know that you can always count on professionals to help you.

Contact our team and we can discuss how we can make your marketing plan happen!

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