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The short answer: You want the online presence.

Probably the only reason why you need a website is to build online presence. This leads to visibility, which then gets you more sales for your business.

The detailed answer: Well, there are a lot of factors involved in getting that presence we desire. If you don’t have a website to begin with, you’re nowhere getting near the huge market that is waiting for your business.

But before we begin, you’ll be shocked to know that most people don’t really have an idea on the importance of having a website. Most of them may have started a website but meets a roadblock on what to do next. You are either someone who owns a business to build his first site, or someone who has tried building a site before but failed in seeing great results. These reasons are for you.

1. To Find the Information They’re Looking For

When someone goes online, one is basically looking for something. They may want something that entertains them, educates them, or guides them. Nonetheless, everyone who goes online is looking for something (and, as astonishing as it may seem, some of them don’t know what it is! This is why you need to guide them. But this comes on a later post).

The truth is, if you aid the people in finding the right information, you definitely get a plus by being someone they can rely on.

Studies show that companies which blog get 55% more web traffic. This goes to show that people are not just looking for any kind of information, but something they can rely on.

2. Gateway to Gather information

Websites were primarily built just to give information,  but with all technology upgrades, websites are now interactive. Websites no longer just act as a means to let people know about your company, but also as a means to gather relevant information from the visitors of the site.

As an entrepreneur or someone who wants to build online presence, giving information is the first part but it does not end there. A complete interaction needs you to gather information from them too. This could be through the use of a simple web form or getting their email address.

The data you gathered can now become valuable resources to improve your business and even lead to your first of many clients.

3. Discover what makes your Brand Unique

With a website, you already give yourself a chance to be unique. You want to build a brand that stands out that people will trust.

With good branding, it’s amazing how people will stick to you as a partner or someone whom they can get reliable information.

Of course, branding may depend on a lot of factors and this includes how you represent yourself! If you offer quality services, products, and do honest business, all you need is a functional website to show this off!

4. Guide Them in Their Decision to Buy

78% of Internet users conduct product research online. Nowadays, almost everyone checks reviews before buying any product. They make sure that they have the right product or service that they won’t regret.

As someone who could guide them with this, you’ll make it easier for them to buy, which brings us to my last point.

5. Actual Destination where a Sale Takes Place

Last 2010, 13.5% of all purchases were done over the Internet. Since then, it has gone a long way. This year’s online spending projection in the USA alone is said to reach over 300 billion dollars.

What this all means is that your website could take part of this billion-dollar industry and make it a destination for sales to take place. You could sell your products, services, and even information! Most of the time, there are minimal fees involved and everything seems to go smoothly when you successfully build a brand.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why you need a website if you have a business or a product to share to the world.

So, those are the top 5 reasons why you need a website. You might not know this but you just made a huge step in being informed with building a website.  There are a lot of resources online and it’s quite easy to be lost in the mess. Rest assured, starting with the fundamentals will definitely bring you a long way.

Start making your website with the above reasons in mind and you’ll definitely get the online presence you desire!


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