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Ah, SEO! Who hasn’t heard of this word?

At this age, whether you’re just peeking or already deep into the world of Digital Marketing, this should be one of the most encountered abbreviations.

While we know what the letters stand for, and probably have a clue of what it is on the surface, there’s really just a few who understand what it means.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. As the name suggests, it is some sort of a process or technique that helps online content be properly acknowledged and included on the search pages of search engines, such as Google.

SEO first came to relevance around 1990s. Since then, SEO has evolved tremendously. Given its fast-paced development, effective understanding of it involves mastery of its ever-changing algorithms.

This might be one big bummer – learning SEO in depth is truly intimidating. But frankly, it’s not rocket science to recognize the benefits of making this a part of your digital strategy.

There’s a lot of technical benefits to making sure that you have advanced and updated understanding of SEO. Which is why, this is no longer just another option to try, or an experiment on creativity, but is an integral part of the marketing strategies of most successful businesses.

Moreover, other than being “seen”, SEO plays a greater role in making sure that your business gets more that just the attention it needs.

So here’s 5 reasons why SEO matters and why your business plans MUST include this too!

1. Improves your website ranking.

We’re putting this obvious reason first: SEO helps you rank in the first page of Google, and other search engines.

Giving your website the right SEO strategy provides your website a chance to outperform other websites!

SEO is basically what web developers do to make your website more appealing to search engines. Through a good SEO strategy, you can increase your web traffic and influence your Google ranking.

What you definitely want to achieve through SEO is “owning” the keywords that relates to your business.

Say, you own a beauty salon in Ontario. You should be the very first business to appear (or at least rank as part of the first five) when people enters “beauty salon” and “Ontario” in their search bar.

2. Connects your audience to your content.

Behind any blog or content is the desire to achieve credibility that draws attention. Of course you want people to know you, and recognize you for the great information you provide. Reaching this level of importance boosts your reputation in magical ways.

As exciting as it sounds, ranking high up in the search means that your website offers the most credible, most valuable and most significant content based on the given query. More than the boost in morale, this is also indicative of your business success!

But here’s the deal, there might another thousand of you out there with these similar information. So how do you stay relevant?

By using SEO, you bring information closer to your intended audience, crossing off vague parameters that keeps you on the end of the line.

With SEO, you can streamline the distribution of information to a defined age group, location, gender, etc. Not to mention, you can even control your scale from a specific street and widen it to promote your business to the entire Canada!

With this, even if your not directly being searched, your website could still be suggested to anyone who’s looking for the services and products similar to what you offer.

3. Enhances your conversion rate.

In reality, most people looking for something online don’t bother checking the second or third pages of Google. Blame it on the fast-paced world we live in, or just our innate desire to satisfy our needs urgently, but studies reveal that almost everyone’s guilty of settling for the tip of the ice-berg. Which is why, unsurprisingly the first ranking search attracts 33% of the overall web traffic.

Fortunately, search engines like Google try its best to make sure that the rankings are indeed accurately indexed to provide the best available there is.

So imagine coveting that top spot – this just means that you get to be part of the first websites people will check out for their queries. And by ranking high up, you get your opportunity to being everyone’s first choice for business!

4. SEO is used in other platforms too!

Here’s a not so little secret: SEO is not just a search engine thing. It actually encompass other media platform.
Appearing in the searches is not limited to Google, or other search engine, as the same technology is applied to Social Networks and Ecommerce sites too!
Therefore, SEO is also smartly integrated in other networks to help people find answers regardless of the platform they use.
Using SEO helps you with listing your services or products in Amazon or eBay searches. Even in the new Facebook “market” feature, SEO is used to help shoppers find the right shop or suggest a shop that might have what they need.

5. Low-cost solution.

SEO is the best organic way to step up on the Google ranks, by consistently and systematically promoting your website through the use of optimized keywords.

To this date, it definitely remains as the ultimate low-cost alternative to expensive advertisements! So if you’re still having second thoughts on investing, rest assured that a good SEO plan provides you more value that its worth.

So, are you ready to have an optimized website through SEO and rank competitively among other business?

Achieving this requires a lot more effort that it seems. And doing it alone might be a little too overwhelming. While it is possible to learn it by yourself, enlisting help from SEO professionals would give you faster and more professional results!

We’d be happy to walk you through our SEO strategies and answer other Digital Marketing questions. Contact us to get started!

With SEO, it’s easy to expand your consumer base. Who knows? Your products in the local market might working out great but they could be phenomenally successful elsewhere. How can you know if you haven’t given it a shot?

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