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When you have a business or you want to make money online, oftentimes, we are either led to believe between two extremes. First is that it’s easy to make money and second, it’s awfully hard to do so.

The truth is it is really up to you and the progress of this decision relies on how soon you start.

The bottom line is that it is doable. Is it easy? Not quite. But we all know that what we focus on grows, so it is about the time to focus on making money online if this is what you really want and see some viable options that an average joe or any startup could make money online.

1. Sell your Products

Now that you have a physical business or you have product ideas that you want to push through, selling your products online will help you cater to a bigger, wider market. This is what smart people do and there are a lot of ways to sell your products online!

First is to sell it via social media. This is probably the easiest and the fastest way to setup an online store. You put up a page on Facebook or an account on Instagram and sell products from there. The only catch is that you will have to setup a means to fully transact (the actual exchange of money). However, if you do meetups that is one way to do it.

Next is through using other online marketplace such as Amazon and the likes. Going there and selling your product will help you earn though Amazon or the marketplace of your choice will have a cut from your earnings.

2. Offer Services

Now there are a lot of ways to offer services online. One of the popular ways is to offer online education. If you are able to help people learn develop a skill or you have some things to share that improves the life of another person, then you got yourself a service that has a potential to earn. Many courses are paid online and other services like graphic designing, web developing, and so on are viable options for you. If you have these skills, then find the niche and offer your service as an individual or as a company.

People tend to be creative on this, so you may want to formulate a plan to get you to truly deliver the services, despite having it online.

3. Blogging

Now you might be wondering how you could make money online with writing something on the blog. One answer: Ads. For those who have a talent in writing and putting their thoughts into words, blogging is quite a good way to gain followers and earn money through ads. We all know that today, information is very crucial and we get easy access of it through the internet. Anyone could be a blogger and offer reliable information. The more followers or readers you get, the better it is since it will give you traffic that could be converted into income. When the huge readers that you have see your ads placed on your site and click it, you get money from that.

Of course, you could go beyond blogging and offer training or services. Most of the time people go for blogging at first and move upwards to offering services or even selling products.

4. Donations

You might think this is the easiest method but it is actually one of the hardest. For people to donate something especially money, it has to be something they want to be a part of. It might be a cause, a love project that they want to continue, or just someone really popular.

Should you go for this option, you want to make sure that you are doing something relevant to the world that people could believe in. You should also gain their trust to begin with.

All of these options of course require you to have a reliable website that people could go to to get the fundamental information of your business and what you offer. A professional website that relays your vision and the value that you offer to the world will give you the edge that you need to truly make money online. Hence, you might want to start from there.

Lastly, before you get all excited on selling your products or launching your service online, it is wise to get feedback before you even start. Getting a survey or simply asking your friends and colleagues around will help you get a clear view if it is indeed a good idea or not. There are of course a lot to consider like being professional in your site and so on, but this goes out on another post. For now, start with the option that you feel comfortable you are doing already in real life. once you do, all that is left is to start!

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