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In this day and age, it is almost imperative to go online and share our lives on social media. Netizens are all too familiar with famous hashtags such as #selfie, and #OOTD along with fast-paced online trends.

Social media plays a big role in our lives. Most of us check Facebook, Instagram and Twitter more often than we would like to admit. Whether or not you are convenient with social media, it is out there and it is, undeniably, influential. Majority would agree that they have tried taking a selfie before eating, sleeping or going about one’s day so that they can post it on FB or IG. (I’m pretty sure you know what these abbreviations mean.)

Social media has many uses and when it comes to online marketing, you probably have a good idea about its potential. So as online entrepreneurs, social media is not only utilized for personal and recreational purposes but also used as a platform to build your business online. Here’s a rundown on how social networking can help your business flourish:

1. Increased Traffic with Enhanced Search Engine Rankings.

A social media account for your business allows users to conveniently check products and services by clicking on the link to your website. A worthwhile page with interesting information invites more visitors. Tony liked the Facebook page of Brand Z and it appeared on the news feed. Kyra saw that Tony liked the page so she thought of checking it out. Thereafter, Victor saw on his Facebook newsfeed that Kyra liked Brand Z so he decided to search for it.

This is how traffic is positively affected by a well-constructed social media account.
Social media presence works in the same way as the word-of-mouth mechanism. It builds a reputation for your business, proving its reliability. If you have a lot of subscribers, your credibility increases. Search engines would then raise your ranking as influenced by the number of subscribers, quality blogs and reviews about your products or services.

2. Better Business Visibility.

Imagine someone famous says Beyonce’s wearing your shirt brand as her #OOTD, and posting her selfie on Instagram. With one click from my favorite diva, your brand would instantly have billions of users checking out your products. Business visibility is achieved by consumers posting information or comments about their experience using your products.

A social profile can also be creatively generated. You can choose a grand entrance to pave the way for your brand to be visible by spreading it uniquely on social networks. You can choose a symbolic color, a cool video, or an unforgettable motto. The choices are unlimited.

Now, go back to Beyonce’s #OOTD. Her biggest fan (that’s me) puts a comment regarding a previous satisfactory experience with your product. Fan #2 would most likely want to buy your shirt out of curiosity, thereby increasing your conversion rate.

Business visibility does wonders!

3. Opportunity for Customer Engagement.

Social media is a very efficient way to socialize with your customers. You can converse with them through status posts and comments. This shows a rich customer experience and augments your customer service. Complaints and recommendations can even be addressed faster.

Product comments and reviews shown on social media allow direct monitoring of consumer behavior. You can observe the bulk of interest and work on areas that need improvement based on customer experience. Be engaged and up the revenue by adhering to your customers’ wishes and demands.

4. Decreased Marketing Cost.

It only takes a few minutes to come up with a mind-blowing line for your new product. It automatically becomes a marketing strategy. You can do it for free if you take the responsibility of creating content strategies or you can hire someone to do it. Still, you save more money and energy given the fact that social media has countless users all over the world. Online marketing reaches a far bigger audience than door-to-door marketing or trade shows.

An important thing to consider is making your website mobile-friendly. Since social media has corresponding mobile applications, users would most likely open your information on a mobile device. You wouldn’t want a user to check on your Facebook page only to stop exploring the linked website because your site isn’t compatible with a mobile. Switch to mobile-friendly.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool in enriching your business. It increases traffic and search engine rankings through social media presence. It spreads the word about your amazing brand through business visibility. It engages your customer on a personal level through excellent service. Also, it saves you a lot of money through creative advertising. So, what are you waiting for? Start building your business through social media.

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